6 Week Online Lockdown Challenge

6 Week Online Lockdown Challenge Image

6 Week Online Lockdown Challenge 💯🏆 The goal is to get you the best results possible in 6 weeks whilst we’re in lockdown. This will include: • Before photos, weight and waist measurements • 2-3x week online coaching • 2x live fitness classes • An individualised calorie-controlled nutrition program • Weekly check-ins via Whatsapp • […]

Can I spot reduce body fat from a specific body part

Can I spot reduce body fat from a specific body part

Can I spot reduce body fat from a specific body part? 💭🤔 No, you cannot spot reduce a certain area of your body. The most common areas for people to want to spot reduce are the waist, back, arms and legs, and while it is possible to intentionally build muscle in these areas to have […]

Habit of the Month February

Habit of the month - February

Beginner-Go for at least a 10-minute walk a day Intermediate-Go for at least a 30-minute walk (this can be divided into two 15-minute walks) Advanced-Go for a 60-minute walk (this equates to around the 10,000 step mark and can also be divided up into smaller walks throughout the day). This month’s habit is something we […]

Strength & Conditioning Internships

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Athletic Development Club, based at the Re-ex centre in Trent Park Country Club, is offering an internship role to 1-2 applicants. ADC are prior UKSCA accredited strength and conditioning/Personal training practitioners who also hold post-graduate MSc degrees, delivering general public PT sessions and coaching of S&C to athletes of all ages. ADC is now seeking […]

Should I train when I am ill ?

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Usually, around this time of year as the temperature drops, many of us struggle to get to the gym due to being under the weather. Although this is quite a subjective topic, here are some of our top tips if you are feeling a bit run down over the winter period ⬇️⬇️⬇️ • Listen to […]

Goal Setting 101 – How to Reach your Goals in 2020


HOW TO MAKE 2020 YOUR BEST YEAR YET! 💫 With the new year upon us, it can be a good time to reflect and set new goals. But why exactly is this so important? Well, setting a clear and specific intention about what you want to achieve, or who you want to become, gives you […]

Are You Ready To Live The Lean Lifestyle?

Living the lean lifestyle

Many say life begins at 40. Life may not be as it used to be in the past. But it is not the end of the world. If you are over 40 and wish to live the lean lifestyle or if you want to get lean and stay lean, nutrition is king and training needs to be strategic.

Training Or Nutrition: Can You Guess Which Is More Important?

man with battle rope in functional training

The age-old question – training or nutrition. What do you think what I believe the answer to be? I was asked this very question just the other day, and it reminded me of a quote from the greatest bodybuilding trainer of all time, Vince Gironda.