Why weight train?

Why weight train

When we incorporate lifting weights into our workouts, we reap a number of benefits that go beyond just how it makes us look (although this is a great bonus) Weight training benefits include: Let’s start with the obvious. It builds muscle. If you’re looking to ‘tone up’, gain some serious size, or build a particular […]

The relationship between food & our mood

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It is safe to say that our emotions play a part in the foods that we consume, but also how the foods that we eat impact our mood. We can all relate to that state where we feel stressed out, perhaps slightly anxious or depressed and as a result, turn to food. In the short […]

The most underrated form of exercise – the benefits of walking

The most underrated form of exercise

When people think about working out, more often than not, walking is not an exercise that they think to include in their weekly routine. But they should. Walking is actually the safest, least expensive, and overall, most beneficial way to lose weight and improve cardiovascular health. All ages can take part and it’s absolutely free. […]

Habit of the Month – Walking

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This months habit is again something which we often overlook in terms of its impact. Walking has numerous physical benefits for us, such as burning calories helping us to maintain a healthy body weight. Regular walking also has great benefits on our cardiovascular system and immune system. What’s more, it helps to prevent joint issues […]

Training around your menstrual cycle

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The menstrual cycle represents a unique series of hormonal changes that underpin female reproductive capabilities. But when it comes to exercise we too often deem these physiological fluctuations as something that may impair our ability to move. Instead, by becoming aware of the changes occurring at each phase, it is thought that we can ‘cycle […]

Is Cardio necessary for losing body fat?

Is Cardio necessary for losing body fat image

Many are still under the impression that in order to lose substantial body fat that they need to be doing hours on the end of cardio. However, this isn’t the case. While it is advised that you incorporate some form of cardio within your training program, if your goal is focused on building strength, muscle […]

Nutrition variables

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Nutrition variables in order of MOST important to LEAST important for fat loss: Calorie Deficit: fat loss will not happen unless you sustain this. A general consensus is that you should not have a calorie deficit of any more than 500kcals. Adequate Protein: If your goal is fat loss you should try to aim to […]

New year, new me?

New Year New Me 2021

It’s 1st of January 2021…so hold onto your hat and buckle in for what will inevitably be a month of fitness secret reveals and weight loss tricks enlightening you on how to finally “GET THE BIKINI BODY YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED”, “DROP 5 LBS IN JUST 5 DAYS” and “SHED THAT XMAS BELLY”. But…whilst the notion of […]

How to Track Your Progress

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  When it comes to tracking progress, whether it be in terms of your nutrition or training, it is important to consider what metrics we are using to do this. For example, a personal goal may be to simply reduce body fat and they might use the weight on the scales as the determinant as […]

How Exercise Affects our Mental Health

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  At ADC we appreciate that Physical and Mental health go hand in hand. As much as we like to put things in boxes and separate different systems in the body, the reality is that they are all interconnected. Just like a line of dominos, one thing leads into next and so and so forth. […]