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Nutrition variables

Nutrition variables in order of MOST important to LEAST important for fat loss:

  • Calorie Deficit: fat loss will not happen unless you sustain this. A general consensus is that you should not have a calorie deficit of any more than 500kcals.
  • Adequate Protein: If your goal is fat loss you should try to aim to have 1gram of protein per pound of Bw. This will ensure that you maintain and build muscle. Also, protein has a metabolic effect whereby 30% of the calories in protein are burnt in digestion.
  • Food Quality: Once the above are ticked off then food quality should be your next priority. A general rule is to aim for 10-12g of Fibre for every 1,000kcals you consume e.g if you consume 2,000kcals then you should be getting 20-24g fibre.
  • Meal Frequency/Timing: People often think they must eat every couple of hours to keep their metabolism working, but in reality, this won’t have a massive impact on you’re fat loss goals. As long as you are maintaining a deficit and getting adequate protein, you can fit your meals around your lifestyle. Of course, common sense prevails here, as if you know you have a workout then you want to make sure you are eating to fuel yourself before and after.
  • Supplements: these are as the name states supplements – therefore should be used accordingly. They are not meal replacements or magic formulas, they can be used to increase you’re protein intake or improve overall bodily function which in turn support you’re fat loss goals.

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