When it comes to building muscle, one thing that most people can agree upon is that you need to be pushing towards muscular failure in order to stimulate growth. Research shows that whether you perform 20+ reps or 6+ reps, there is little to no difference in muscular growth, as long as the individual reaches close to muscular failure.
This intensity is difficult to maintain for multiple sets, so if you are following a programme whereby you need to complete 3 sets, the first 2 sets can be used to work up to your top weight, while keeping 2-3 reps in reserve. Then on your last set, you can challenge yourself by pushing to your absolute muscular failure point (the point at which your TARGET muscle cannot produce another rep without momentum). This type of training is very effective but is best done with a spotter/training partner especially for the bigger compound lifts.
Try this in your next workout and let us know how you get on 💪🏼🔥
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