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Facts about fats

Although in previous years Fats have been demonized, they are essential for our body’s functioning. However certain types of fats have been found to be more beneficial than others. For example, unsaturated fats with a higher omega 3 to 6 ratio have been found to reduce inflammation, whereas trans fats found in processed foods increase inflammation, which leads to disease. Here are a few reasons why Fats are important for body composition and performance:
-Regulates hormones such as testosterone which is important (not only in males but in females too) for muscle growth. In turn, the more muscle mass you build, the more calories you will burn at rest, thus decreasing your body fat levels.
-Keeps you fuller for longer. This especially important while on a calorie-controlled diet. However Fats are 9kcals per gram, so more high-fat foods means you will need to reduce your carbohydrate intake to stay within your calories.
-Regulates blood sugar levels and provides energy over a longer period. They are the next source of fuel after your (glycogen) carb stores are depleted.

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