Habit of the Month – Walking

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This months habit is again something which we often overlook in terms of its impact. Walking has numerous physical benefits for us, such as burning calories helping us to maintain a healthy body weight. Regular walking also has great benefits on our cardiovascular system and immune system. What’s more, it helps to prevent joint issues […]

New year, new me?

New Year New Me 2021

It’s 1st of January 2021…so hold onto your hat and buckle in for what will inevitably be a month of fitness secret reveals and weight loss tricks enlightening you on how to finally “GET THE BIKINI BODY YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED”, “DROP 5 LBS IN JUST 5 DAYS” and “SHED THAT XMAS BELLY”. But…whilst the notion of […]

How Exercise Affects our Mental Health

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  At ADC we appreciate that Physical and Mental health go hand in hand. As much as we like to put things in boxes and separate different systems in the body, the reality is that they are all interconnected. Just like a line of dominos, one thing leads into next and so and so forth. […]



The start of each day is an opportunity for you to set yourself up in the best possible way. Even simple habits can have a big impact on how you think and feel. Simply drinking a glass of water or doing a few minutes of exercise can transform your energy levels and get you in […]

4 Different Modes of Recovery


DO YOU PRIORITIZE RECOVERY IN YOUR TRAINING PROGRAMS?🤔 Recovery is a key part of the growth process. Without adequate recovery and replenishment, adaptions cannot occur and you will be doing more damage than good. The reality is that when we train, we are taxing our bodies to the point of cellular breakdown with the intention […]

Create Healthy Habits Not Restrictions

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In a world where Instant gratification is highly sought after, a lot of us just want quick results. In how we look physically, our health, our relationships or our career. But in doing this we are setting ourselves up for disappointment and frankly are missing the whole point. For those of you who have tried […]

How to build muscle while in lockdown

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Is it really possible to build muscle in lockdown? In short, Yes! Even with limited equipment, it is possible to stimulate muscle growth. Limited equipment means we may not be able to load up our muscles as many of us are so accustomed to doing in a gym environment. This method of building muscle is […]

Why sleep matters and 5 proven strategies to sleep smarter

Why sleep matters and 5 proven strategies to sleep smarter Picture

Sleep really is fundamental to health and performance. Sleep quality is just as important if not more so than diet and exercise combined. A recent study by the University of Chicago put a group of people on a calorie-restricted diet to see the impact on fat loss when their sleep-deprived or getting enough sleep. In […]