Ricky Brennan Personal Training Instructor

Ricky has been in the personal training industry for 6 years now alongside playing semi professional football since the age of 16. Having been at a number of professional and semi professional clubs Ricky found personal training a perfect career to work with many athletes from various sports and levels. Ricky has been at ADC coming up to 3 years and loves the togetherness and family-like approach to the Athletic Development Club’s training. Keeping fitness fun and educational and striving to get results.

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Personal Training Instructor FAQs

Being a Personal Trainer has had a massive Effect on my life allowing me to balance my sport commitments with my work commitments as I feel they work hand in hand.

The ideal client in my eyes is someone who is willing to put in the hard work and dedication needed aswell to achieve results but also can have a lot of fun along the way.

ADC is different to other work places due to its community and family feel, all clients and trainers are a team. We have exceptional client care and numerous social events throughout the year making us the best family-like community in the industry.