Athletic Development Club Personal Trainer Reviews

Athletic development club personal trainers go out of their way to make sure we create a fitness program that suits your own goals, that is designed in such a way to make sure that in your own time you manage to get the results that are what you want.

Here are a few of our clients, in their own words, remember results are guaranteed with ADC

Rio Ferdinand Transformation

A big thanks to Chris and ADC for their help and guidance! In particular, with my nutrition and lifestyle. I never really followed a bespoke nutrition plan before and I have now realized the importance of this for both performance and recovery. I have achieved amazing results and the best part is I am able to fit the training and nutrition into my busy lifestyle. If only I had all this nutrition support when I was a professional footballer!

Rio Ferdinand

Bobby Zamora Transformation

16 Week Transformation

When I retired from professional football I wanted to stay fit and healthy so decided to turn my attention to the gym. I knew Chris from QPR FC and wanted to start working with him as I saw the results him and his team were getting. During this period of working with ADC I have put on 4kg of lean muscle tissue, increased my strength levels and dropped 5kg of body fat. I look forward to taking my physique and strength to the next level. I have recommended Chris and ADC to my mate Rio (Ferdinand) who has also achieved amazing results!

Bobby Zamora

ADC Client Success Anthony Sturt

16-week body transformation

I was introduced to Chris and Aimee via a friend of mine who had been training with them for a period of time & shown some excellent strength/physique results.

I’d been training for 6+ years, gradually increasing my knowledge to the point where I’d say I was above average in terms of physique/nutrition planning. However what was evident from the moment I met both was the depth of their knowledge – both took the time to understand my personal fitness goals, devising a unique plan that was both attainable and realistic. The plan didn’t cut out any of the foods I enjoyed and was tailored to my height/weight/activity levels etc. Since starting my journey with ADC, the guidance of Chris / Aimee has enabled me to put an additional 10kg in lean muscle mass since June 17. I’ve never felt better, and I’m regularly lifting heavier weight than I had ever previously, with the correct form.

Despite all of the aforementioned points, what has impressed me most about Chris & Aimee is that they practice what they preach – very often, personal trainers will devise a client plan and follow something totally different themselves. However, ADC trainers have shown me that fitness goals are able to be achieved naturally, without restricting a social life – and this is a mantra that they follow in their own personal lives.

Whatever your fitness goals, I’d thoroughly recommend giving them a call

Anthony Sturt

Alex Christofi Transformation 12 months personal training in whetstone

12-Week Transformation

I already knew what giving up felt like and I wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t. The difference 1 year of hard work and pure determination has made. Big shoutout to Athletic Development club I couldn’t have done it without your support. Chris, Aimee and Conor; thank for the help over the last year and kickstarting my journey! And Aimee thank you for motivating me to push myself to my limits. I can’t thank you all enough for changing my life!

Alex Christofi

Andy Loizou front progress pic
Andu Loizou back progress pic

12 week transformation

I’ve been training with ADC for just over three months as has my wife.  I originally found Chris, Aimee and Conor on Instagram and realized I knew someone they were training, I was really impressed with the results they were achieving for their clients and the thing that impressed me the most which is why I decided to train with them was a combination of their success stories, their training methods and their incredible knowledge on nutrition. 

I achieved amazing results in my first three months as did my wife and we’re both continuing our training with them for the long term.  Prior to this I had been a runner which was great for just fitness but it didn’t do much aesthetically and I never felt I had my nutrition right.  Neither myself nor my wife had ever previously done any kind of weight lifting/training & we’ve now got the bug for it! 

Training with these guys is just brilliant, their methods and philosophy are all geared to long term sustainable results helping people change for the better and for the long term, we have learnt so much.  I’m loving how I look and looking forward to more progress but more importantly than the aesthetics I love how I feel having trained for a while and changed my nutrition.  It has been inspiring watching Chris and Aimee with both their personal success stories as well as all the clients of what we all call TEAM ADC, there is a real sense of team and unity amongst everyone training together and it’s great to be a part of it.  I cannot recommend Chris, Aimee and Conor enough!!  #ProgressiveOverload, if you know you know…….but if you don’t you soon will :-)

Andy & Della

Alex Kakkoulis body transformation online personal training front results.
Alex Kakkoulis body transformation online personal training back results.

Online Personal Training

I had ballooned up to almost 100 kilos over the years. At 5’8 I was wider than tall and decided to take action. I had always lifted weights similar to power bodybuilding yet my cardiovascular endurance was shocking, and I decided to pack it in to pursue a leaner body, struggling to lose the first 10kilos after four months. After deciding to finally take training to a more serious level to competition conditioning for bodybuilding, I enlisted the help of the one and only coach Chris, due to his competition history and huge client satisfaction rate. Studying in a different city and often being abroad I became an online client most of the time. Chris would always give his honest opinions and professional opinion in our 8-week prep together and take calories away accordingly to achieve the quickest fat loss possible. When I was home in London, we had face to face consulting too, and once again I was majorly impressed at his knowledge, expertise, and overall ease of communication. Not only did Chris help get me into amazing shape, the BEST shape of my life, losing 11 kilos of body fat in 8 weeks, the posing and shape we brought in was the crowd favourite for my chosen class and was the best bodybuilder on stage. This was not easy, but Chris made it simple, and honestly rid any stress and worries that I experienced, especially near the end. Both Chris and Conor are top guys in and out of the gym. They fit the persona of a fitness professional to a T. Aesthetic, naturally achievable but incredible physiques, through a knowledge base of sports and nutrition, and most importantly they possess an open-mindedness to clients’ needs, backgrounds and diversities. Thank you for bettering my life for the best, and it was an honour to wear the ADC shirt on the day of the competition, and I pray more people to change their lives into healthier ones through your doings.

Alex Kakoullis

Mario Demetriou 16 week transformation personal training fitness 2
Mario Demetriou 16 week transformation personal training fitness

16 week transformation

I signed up in October 2016 and have lost 11 kilos or 1 stone 7 lbs in 16 weeks. Chris and  Conor have been instrumental in guiding advising and encouraging me, together with my commitment, focus and hard work to achieve my results. I would highly recommend Athletic Development Club to anyone wanting to achieve their personal health goals. Genuinely nice guys.

Mario Demetriou

Constandino 20 week transformation personal training whetstone results

20 week transformation

In 20 weeks I lost 17kg of body fat and it has changed my life! I wasn’t confident and was very insecure with how I looked. Now I have a lot more energy look leaner and have fit it into my lifestyle. This is just the beginning for me and would like to thank Aimee and Conor and the ADC team for helping me get these amazing results. If you’re committed to making a change and want real, sustainable results ADC I’d highly recommend ADC.



12 week transformation

I’m not one to post progress pics or make a public display, but I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to @athleticdevlopmentclub for helping me lose 2.2 stones and getting me from a size 14 to 10 in just 10 weeks doing the 12-Week Summer Body Challenge (my holiday cut it short by 2 weeks ;)). The Challenge included a healthy (and tasty) meal plan which adapted throughout, 5 training sessions per week and 24 hour support (which I definitely utilised with all my silly questions – did not know you could not cook protein shake!) Out of all the diets and training programmes I’ve been on, this absolutely smashes them all, and I have never seen such huge results so quickly! Chris Varnavas, Aimee and Conor have been so informative, supportive, helpful and great friends to me every step of the way! Not only have I come away with good results, I have got my confidence back and have gained so much knowledge on health, nutrition and exercise! I could not recommend their services enough.

Thanks, guys for getting me my Marbs body ;) Couldn’t have done it without you and I definitely will not stop here!

Krissy Oh Bella


16-week transformation

I’ve achieved amazing results with Chris, Aimee and Conor. Gone from 30% body fat to less than 15% on a sustainable plan over a period of 5 months. Couldn’t recommend them enough, they simply know how to get results for their clients.



12 week transformation

Highly recommend! Amazing experience and results. I have had a personal trainer before, but ADC offer the whole deal – Training, nutrition, accountability and support throughout. Sustainable results that are still maintained to this day!


sef-e-testimonialIn just 8 weeks my progression is unbelievable, ADC is very professional and very effective. Not only has it increased my strength by major amounts also I have lost 2 stone! Increased my confidence majorly and also the nutrition diet is well rounded out. Would recommend all day everyday.

Sef E.

stelios-testimonialAt the age of 59 years old I never thought I would get into the shape I have! I wanted 2016 to be a big change in my health and fitness and I couldn’t of done it without ADC! I lost 8kg in 28 days and now I know how to live healthily through exercise and good quality nutrition. My cholesterol has gone down drastically and I feel 20 years younger! I can’t thank ADC enough. The results speak for themselves!


tom-c-testimonialProfessional Footballers Tom Carrol (Tottenham Hotspur FC) and Will Keane (Manchester United FC)

Thanks for the help this season! Top S&C coach!

Tom C.

yashi-b-personal-trainer-reviewHighly recommended. Chris designed a workout plan and nutrition plan for me which was easy to follow and answered any questions I had. I saw great results following his plan and would recommend it to everyone I know. Will be good to train with you again when I’m back In London!

Yashi B.


2 month body transformation

I did an 8-week personal training program with Athletic Development Club. I can honestly say that the results, after just 8 weeks, have far exceeded my expectations. Chris designed a really simple but effective nutrition and exercise plan to suit my body type and my lifestyle. Chris has exceptional knowledge of the science behind health and nutrition. He puts as much emphasis on your health and nutrition, as he does on the gym training, which is why you’ll see safe but quick progress, that is realistically maintainable in the long run. He’ll help you to understand why you’ve been given that particular plan, and gives great guidance and motivation along the way. I now feel stronger, more energetic and generally healthier in body and mind. I highly recommend ADC. As long as you’re ready to work hard and stick to what they tell you to do, you’ll see amazing results.

Andreas T.

Charalampos before and after

4-month body transformation

By far the best personal training team I have worked with. Very professional and effective. Highly recommended to anyone that wants to have results. Well done Conor, Amy and of course Chris!

Charalampos Attipa

george before and after11-month transformation


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