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Do you need an online personal trainer during the Coronavirus lockdown. Discover How To Increase Your Health, Boost Your Immune System and Get In Shape with our Online Personal Training Course. We are located in London but with virtual personal training, we can help you reach your fitness goals wherever you live.

With documented studies now showing that keeping fit will help towards protecting you from COVID-19, we’ve decided to open our online coaching programme to help you can get healthy, fit and have peace of mind that you’re doing everything to keep your immune system and fitness as healthy as possible. Read on to discover how the online personal trainer can help you.

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Virtual Fitness Training for Women

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Virtual Fitness Training for Men

Online Personal Training Benefits


  • Have increased energy and metabolism (so you’re burning more calories at rest)

  • Feel more confident and focused with your fitness/nutrition and know precisely what you need to do

  • Lose pounds and inches

  • Boost your immune system


  • Start to notice changes in your arms, stomach and legs as your body becomes toned and strong

  • Feel much fitter, more alert and focused throughout the day

  • You’ll have installed an enjoyable habit for life. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit; by now you’ll have created real momentum and nothing will stop you from looking amazing!


  • Your clothes will fit better and friends/family will start to pay you compliments

  • You will have a constant spring in your step

  • Your confidence will have skyrocketed

  • You’ll be shopping for new clothes and outfits for the summer

  • You will never have felt so good by the time summer comes


  • You’ll be at your healthiest and strongest

  • You’ll have transformed your fitness

  • Your energy will be skyrocketed

  • You’ll have increased strength

  • Toned loose areas

  • And overall you’ll feel amazing

What you get with our Online Personal Training

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These are not pre-recorded home workouts. These are live sessions coached by our expert personal trainers to ensure you’re getting the most out of your sessions, your technique is correct and you are held accountable to getting the results you deserve. You’ll also be training with an awesome community of like-minded people.

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We’ll remove the confusion and help implement simple guidance that will make a big impact on your health and fitness. Plus, you’ll still be able to eat the food you love. Being in isolation, It’s very easy to go to the fridge multiple times an hour to snack on chocolate, crisps and sweets.

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Unlike other options right now where you get given a few pre-recorded workouts and recipes that you’ll never use, this is a programme personalised around you and your needs to ensure you results. We’ll be checking in to keep you accountable, motivated and feeling awesome throughout the programme.

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Virtual Fitness Training for Women

Virtual Fitness Training for Men

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