Group Fitness Training Oakwood, Cockfosters, N14 4UW North London

Beginner Group Fitness Training Classes

We run beginning group fitness training from our modern gym in Oakwood, Cockfosters. This fitness class is designed to get you fit, burn fat while introducing you to the basics of personal training.  Athletic Development Club’s unstoppable fitness unique formula which guarantee’s results even within a group training settingThe group training workouts are designed to help you lose unwanted fat in the quickest time.  We combine all of the latest theory’s to help your body help itself.

Our Group Training workouts are done in a small group setting. We ensure that you enjoy the classes, helping to improve your health and providing you are working towards the goals that you set for your self, all of this a much smaller cost than 121 training.

This Group Fitness Training in Oakwood, Cockfosters, North London is fantastic for everyone from beginners through to those who are more experienced and have already experienced 121 training.

Group Fitness Training in Whetstone