Chris Vazanias Personal Training Instructor

I have always been involved in sport and fitness from a young age, competing at a high level in football. After leaving school at 18 I wanted to take my passion for fitness into a career, so I completed my level 3 Personal training qualification. Since then I have gained experience working in commercial gyms as well as Personal training studios helping clients to achieve their body composition goals. I am a qualified level 4 strength and conditioning coach and have ambitions to delve deeper into the realm of sports psychology, as I believe a key ingredient for success is the right mindset. My goal is to help people reach their potential and become the best version of themselves, by educating them on both the body and mind.

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Personal Training Instructor FAQs

I believe everyone can achieve their dreams and goals. As a personal trainer I want to help people develop the mindset that anything is possible!

Cristiano Ronaldo
Tony Robbins
Conor Mcgregor

I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else!

Being a personal trainer has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people from all walks of life and develop lifelong friendships.

Someone who is honest with themselves and tries there best.

ADC is unlike any other gym I’ve worked at or been to. The people are really what makes it what it so different. Such friendly, family like community where not only goals are achieved but meaningful friendships are made.