Anton Kostalas Personal Training Instructor

From a young age Anton Kostalas has been heavily involved in the fitness industry. With previous playing experience in professional football, representing clubs such as Southampton, Tottenham and Barnet FC. He is currently still involved in semi-professional football and is an aspiring fitness model.

Anton graduated with a degree in Sport and exercise science in 2014 where he became a qualified personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. His experience varies from training aspiring athletes to the general public who have achieved sustainable body transformations.

Over the years Anton has gained a great reputation at big commercial gyms where he has been identified as a fat loss and nutrition practitioner and has achieved great results with female and male clients aged 18-40. Whether your goal is dropping inches around the waist, increasing strength, lean muscle or energy Anton will individualise your program based on your goals and day-to-day challenges.

Anton’s passion and enthusiasm will ensure that every client reaches their maximum potential and goals. He offers 24/7 support, daily nutrition recipes and motivational exercise programs. Anton is an experienced coach and his result-driven mindset is what makes him a success and vital team member at ADC.

Anton Kostalas Head of Personal Training