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Welcome. By reading this Prospectus, you have taken your first step towards becoming a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer. Our study programmes bridge high- level academic learning, instilling confidence with commercial practice that will enrich your career development and long-term employability.

We have developed a series of accredited learning programmes that provide excellent teaching experience and teaching resources. We will support all students from all backgrounds
to be successful, providing any needs necessary. We have constructed a series of learning programmes that we are confident you will enjoy and be challenged by.

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Chris Varnavas (BSc, MSc)

Why study with us?

Outstanding industry facilities to learn and develop in.
Experienced outstanding teaching staff with both academic and industry-related experience and qualifications.
Small teaching groups. We could have large class sizes for higher revenue but we are more interested in quality teaching with exclusive access to teaching staff.
We offer a unique one-to-one personal teaching style. Students will have regular one-to-one discussions with teaching staff in order to identify where they are on the current programme and steps needed to ensure successful completion.
Highly regarded qualifications and learning experiences by industry leaders in fitness and learning. Long-term investment by the teaching team with pathways to additional learning and development. Guaranteed access to commercial insurance.


Course Overview

The Level 3 Personal Training course is a ten-week intensive learning programme which by completing, students will be competent in the assessment of client training needs and application of set methods to meet and achieve training goals and fitness ambitions.

You will study in outstanding facilities within a currently successful business setting with your learning experience enriched by tutors currently practising in the fitness industry.

This course is industry-level appropriate and fit for purpose for those with no previous experience in fitness training and exercise along with those who have an interest in training and want to support both their own training and that of potential clients. It also offers opportunities for those who want to create a new business venture offering physical training services.

The Level 3 Course in Personal Training is a commercial-level qualification aimed at developing the knowledge, understanding and technical skills needed for a career as a Personal Trainer, either employed or self-employed.
This qualification has been specifically designed for those who are 16 years and older and appropriate for those who have recently left full-time education together with those who have been out of education for an extended period. The course is founded on national occupational standards for fitness, merging skills and knowledge from personal training and sport rehabilitation, performance training and long-term care of clients.

This qualification is accredited by ThinkTree Hub and is so highly regarded that on successful completion, students will have guaranteed access to insurance to enable them to practise professionally.

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Course Overview 2

What does this qualification offer?

On completion the students will have knowledge and understanding with practical application of anatomy,
professional practice, an understanding of the principles of health and fitness and how to provide one-to-one and group fitness-based sessions.

The knowledge required will enable the student to confidently practise in any commercial, high performance sport setting or establish their own business.

In addition to all qualification-specific delivery, studying with this programme will deliver and develop essential employability skills that are embedded in our programmes. It will enhance employability skills with effective communication, information technology, team work and deepened industry knowledge that is passed on from tutors and programme leaders currently working and successful in the field.

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What does this qualification offer 2

Units & Structure

The structure of the qualification is comprised of FIVE units which are all mandatory.

– Functional Anatomy for Training & Performance
– Fitness Testing and Training & Programming
– Programming for Health, Performance and Fitness
– Principles of Performance Conditioning & Kinesiology Assessment for Sport
– Nutrition for Performance, Health & Fitness

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On completion of the course the student will:

  • Learn about the legal and professional aspects of personal training
  • Learn how to develop their career in terms of setting up as a self-employed personal trainer, managing a personal training business, and through marketing strategies, building it up to be successful
  • Gain a thorough knowledge of functional anatomy and its application to personal training
  • Learn how to structure, plan and deliver exercise sessions for one-to-one and group training. Design programmes to meet a variety of potential client needs in dynamic settings
  • Learn how to design and structure sessions and programmes to specifically target and meet individual client needs and requirements
  • Gain a thorough grounding in nutrition particularly as it applies to exercise, elite performance and a healthy lifestyle
  • Learn how lifestyle and medical conditions affect a client’s health and wellbeing
  •  Learn how to communicate well with clients and conduct consultations in order to encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle

Students will gain a Level 3 qualification, fully recognised by the international validating body Thinktree Hub. They will have guaranteed access to insurance in order to be able to practise professionally.

What could this qualification lead to?

On completion of the course learners will have all the essential tools and knowledge to be successful in a variety of physical training career aspirations. Learning does not and should not stop at Level 3. In an employment market where knowledge is outdated every five years, practitioners should look for continued career progression development.
We are committed to the personal and professional enhancement and continued learning journey of our students.
We offer a range of continued CPD progression and training to ensure students remain highly employable and equipped to operate confidently in a wide variety of practices and roles.
Our courses are well renowned and respected in industry where we can offer learners who complete this qualification the opportunity to gain employment and obtain insurance to work as a personal trainer.

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Course Plan, Delivery & Assessment

The course is delivered one day a week over 10 weeks. Each session lasts for four hours. The sessions will consist of practical teaching, assessments and ongoing booklet completion. In addition you will be required to do homework each week: the number of hours homework will depend on your experience and previous qualifications but the course is designed to provide for those with NO experience or previous qualifications. If you think of 4 hours of homework a week as a maximum, that should cover all eventualities
Delivery is contact with a tutor, homework and booklet completion.
All course materials are provided although there are suggested links to websites etc that will provide opportunities to gain extra knowledge and a greater depth of understanding.
The ten-week programme may be delivered at different times throughout the year. For each course, the tutor’s scheme of work is made available on enrollment with access to teaching resources. The scheme of work will outline course details together with dates of delivery and any breaks to accommodate national holidays and school term breaks.

Course Plan 1
Course Plan 2

Attend to succeed

We advise full 100% attendance to the programme but we understand life happens and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. When enrolling onto the programme you acknowledge the dates and times of expected attendance.

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Attend to succeed 2

Equality & Diversity

We welcome everyone and have an open access policy. The nature of the course is such that it contains practical elements but if you have any concerns regarding access and learning, please discuss your needs with us and we will do our best to accommodate those needs.

What a boring world it would be if everyone was the same. We especially want people who think differently.

We are a small teaching provision, which allows us the space and time to offer tailored learning.

Qualification Information

This course is delivered by:
Athletic Development Club Academy
in association with Wellbeing Fitness Education Centre.
It is verified by Thinktree Hub, the International Professional Association services for the healthcare, education, wellness and wellbeing industry.

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